If you have ANY allergies to latex, surgical tapes, Cyanoacrylate, aloe, glycerine, etc, a patch test is ALWAYS encouraged before a full eyelash extension procedure is applied.  Patch test procedures include 3 -5 small eyelash extensions applied to the outer corner of your natural eyelashes on one side. You will then need to update us after 48 hours if you have or have not had any negative reactions.  If no reactions have occurred, then a full set may be applied.

A note to the superheros currently battling or who has recently beat cancer

You are amazing and we are so proud of you and your incredible strength.  We admire you and your grit. We would love to assist you in your desire for eyelash extensions.  If you are currently receiving or are less than 6 months post treatment, we would love for you to speak to your doctor about if they believe eyelash extensions are a good option for you considering the possibility of any sort of reaction.  A Patch Test Procedure will be required after we receive a doctors note approving eyelash extensions. So much love to you!


Failure to comply with Haven Salon's advised maintenance schedule and home care instructions may result in excessive loss of lashes between visits. There will be an additional extensive maintenance fee, or the current full set rate if you have little to no eyelash extensions left at your fill appointment.

Outside Lash Work

We have the right to refuse to work on current eyelash extensions from other lash artists outside of Haven Salon.  This includes full sets and fills done elsewhere.  We can not guarantee our work or the work of artists we are unfamiliar with.  For this reason, we have the right to refuse a service, or schedule a new appointment to remove the current product and apply a new full set of eyelash extensions by us.