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Frequently Asked Questions

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions, or eyelash extensions, are small, light weight, hypoallergenic microfibers that are adhered to individual natural eyelash hairs to create a darker, longer, fuller, natural or dramatic eyelash look.

What is the difference between Classic, American Volume and London Volume?

Classic extensions are one single lash extension weighing in at .20 or .15 mm and is adhered to each individual natural eyelash.  This creates a longer, darker, natural look and looks better than mascara!

American Volume lashes are 3 - 8 lash extension fibers adhered to each single natural eyelash.  These weights come in .10, .07, and .05 mm and creates a longer, darker, and natural to bold look.  These are also a wonderful option for women with fine, thin lashes that want to have a natural, thicker and more noticeable lash 

London Volume is NovaLashes newest eyelash extension sets.  These lashes are the lightest weight fibers weighing in at a mere .03 mm.  These light weight fibers create 10 -15 lashes per fan giving guests the ultimate darkness, texture, boldness and drama.  These are also fantastic options for women with extremely fine and thin lashes.

Do they look fake?

This is the fantastic thing about our lash extension service is that they do not look fake like lash strips!  No matter if you want a bold and dramatic look, these lash extensions are applied in a way that they look bold but never fake.

How are they applied?

Lashes are applied using Novalash adhesive.  They are dipped in our adhesive then applied to each natural lash.  We take into account the health, integrity, natural length and shape and apply our extensions in a way to enhance or minimize areas you want more or less noticeable.  

What is the difference between Classic lashes and Volume lashes?

Classic eyelash extensions are  one extension that is adhered to one natural lash.  This is a fantastic option for anyone who wants longer, darker lashes that look enhanced yet natural.

Volume eyelash extensions are two or more extensions adhered to one natural lash.  This is a great option for anyone who feels they do not have a lot of natural lashes, want a fuller look, still like a natural style, or really wants a dramatic dark affect.  

Why do I need to come in for a fill?

Our natural lashes grow just like the hair on our head.  Our hair goes through a series of three phases: Anagen (growth phase), Catagen (rest phase) and Telogen (shedding phase).  We only keep our individual natural eyelash hairs for 30-60 days.  In most cases, within 60 days we have a full new set of natural eyelash hairs.  So, for this reason it is important to schedule and come in for eyelash extension fills.  This ensures that your lashes remain full.  At each fill appointment, we go through each extension and check for any loose extensions that will need to come off and be replaced.  We then fill in any new lash hairs that have grown in since the previous appointment.   

Fills for both Classic and Volume sets are best between two or three weeks. 

How do I take care of them at home?

Brush your lashes.  This keeps any dirt and debris out of your lashes that could potentially cause your eye or extensions harm.

Keep them oiled.  Yes, we said oiled.  One of the biggest reasons we of Haven Salon chose Novalash as our eyelash brand is because the adhesive is oil-loving and water proof.  Our adhesive is FANTASTIC for all skin types, especially for those with combination or more oily skin.  

We recommend a small dab of coconut oil rubbed gently at your lash line every evening to keep your lash adhesive lubricated.  Coconut oil is fantastic as an eye make up remover, and also has antibacterial and antifungal properties which aids in keeping your lashes and lash line clean.

More questions?

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