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Are you properly blow drying your hair?

Are you properly blow drying your hair?

Did you even know that there is a proper way to do it?!

Yes! It's true! Blow drying your hair is the best way to achieve that smooth and straight, voluminous and beveled, or simply just polished look you desire. But how do we properly blow dry our hair? Keep on reading, friend!

1. Microfiber towels and hair turbans are the way to start (post shampoo and condition). Microfiber wicks away the water from your hair while leaving in the hydration you put into your hair from your shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. This tool is absolutely necessary for anyone - curly or straight!

2. Heat protectant! We totally obsess over SEVEN Kente shampoo, conditioner and Reparative spray followed by sealing it all in with SEVEN Seal Spray! This Seal spray locks in moisture and seals down the cuticle, as well as protecting hair from the heat it is about to encounter!

3. Use medium heat on the blow dryer. If you've used the microfiber towel like we mentioned above, then blow drying on medium heat will not take you very long at all. Using medium heat will not dehydrate the hair shaft, raise the cuticle too much or damage ends. This is important!

4. Separate your hair into sections and use a good round brush. We prefer one with medium to soft bristles that doesn't grab and pull individual hairs.

5. Always, always, always, point the nozzle of your blow dryer no more than 30 degrees towards your hair while round brushing. Tipping the blow dryer closer towards 90 degrees creates too much air blowing up the hair shaft and leaving hair frizzy. Try to maintain close to parallel with your hair.

6. A blast of cool / cold air does the hair good. Doing this at the end will seal down your cuticle and add shine to your hair!. Try it!

We hope these quick tips help!

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