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Do you wish you didn't need to wash your hair daily?

Have you ever wondered how people can go DAYS without washing their hair? And it still looks good! Yet, there you are having to wash your hair every. single. day in order to have some lift, some style, not to mention feel fresh and clean.

With this gift of time we have been given during the COVID-19 outbreak, let's give this a good strong try to skip every other day!

When you train your scalp and your hair to not need to be washed daily, you will gain a variety of positives:

More time in the mornings

Less heat damage because you no longer will be drying your hair daily

Your scalp and hair will be naturally hydrated and nourished with your natural oils

It seems gross to you maybe, but our natural oils produced from our scalp have a big purpose in the health of your scalp and hair. Daily shampooing strips the scalp and hair from these natural oils leaving them dehydrated. Your scalp may become itchy and irritated, your hair brittle and dull. You may feel like your scalp produces too much oil and you look shiny and weighed down / greasy looking by the end of the day because your scalp is trying so hard to reproduce the natural oils that were washed away. When you slow the frequency of shampooing your hair, you will eventually train your scalp to slow down how often it produces the oil.

Interested in giving this a try? Here's how you get started:

Give yourself grace and have patience. The first week won't be fun. You'll feel oily but don't give up! Under these circumstances we are in right now, who's going to see you?! Give this a real chance. It will be worth it in the long run!

If you are someone who absolutely needs to get their hair wet in the shower (we see you), just use water and a little conditioner on the ends of your hair, if necessary.

Find a dry shampoo you love. We love Seven's Cubica Dry Shampoo because of its natural ingredients like tapioca starch that absorbs oils, as well as bamboo extract to promote healthy hair growth!

We also recommend looking for cute hairstyles like pony's or buns to wear. You could even rock your favorite head bands!

This next part is where most people get it wrong so they give up and think that going every other day isn't for them. This next step is crucial for wash day!!!

Distribute a small amount of shampoo throughout your entire scalp. Take your time to massage thoroughly! Since your hair will be dirtier than normal, you probably won't get a good lather from your shampoo.

That's okay! Simply, rinse and repeat the process a second time! The second lather will be much like the normal lather you would get on a daily basis. Make sure to be thorough in your cleansing. Don't forget your hairline, back of head, all the spots. You want to make sure your scalp is massaged, fresh and clean.

The second shampoo is necessary in order to completely remove any oil and product build up. This is especially important if you use dry shampoo. Take your time and make sure your scalp is clean!

That's it. Condition as usual!

What do you think? Will you give these tips a try? Let us know! We are here to help.

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