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Hot Tools: How-To

Do you know that you are damaging your hair every single day?

Are you one of the many women who think "hotter the better" for your hot tools? Maybe if your flat iron or curling iron is super hot then you don't have to have it on your hair as long because "it works faster"?

This is a common assumption. It's completely false, by the way. Here's why:

The majority of your hair styling happens on the inside of your hair shaft. When heat is applied to your hair shaft, it actually breaks down certain bonds inside your hair. As your hair cools the bonds are rebuilt and forms to the style it was shaped into.

But when your iron is too hot, you are heating up the outside of your hair, probably burning and causing damage, then moving down the hair shaft or onto the next subsection of hair leaving the inside of your hair shaft not properly heated.

Stop. Please stop doing this. Right now.

Here's what you can do:

1. Apply a heat protectant. Don't bother with the following steps if you are planning on skipping this step.

2. Use clips to help you straighten or curl in smaller sections. This is more manageable and you are less likely to go over the same pieces more than once.

3. Use a low heat! Here's a reference for you:

Fine hair needs around 300°

Normal to wavy texture needs around 350°

Wavy to Curly hair needs 350° - 375°

Coarse/ Very thick hair should go no higher than 400°

Other factors must be taken into consideration including chemical service history or damage, brittle ends. Blondes should never go any higher than 325°!

PRO TIP: If you are someone who thinks your hair won't ever hold a curl, you likely need a different arsenal of foundation products to prep your hair before curling! Also, make sure your hair is COMPLETELY cooled before shaking loose your curls!

Most hair damage that we see in our chairs comes from heat damage. These few simple steps will prevent you from damaging your hair and will help to maintain your heat style all day long.

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