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Do you feel like your hair just won't grow?

Do you want your hair to grow longer and healthier?

Maybe you feel like your hair just can't grow.

It is true that hair health and growth is directly affected to diet and medication. It is always best to start with talking with your doctor about your concerns with your hair health and growth. But, we have a few tips to help with the health of your current hair and promote healthy hair growth!

1. Increase the amount of healthy whole foods into your diet and less processed and sugary foods. Your hair health is a mirror of your body health. Drink water. Eat healthier. Start here, always.

2. (During normal times) Get frequent "dustings" or small trims. This keeps the ends of your hair healthy and reduces the amount of breakage starting at the ends that travels up the hair shaft.

3. Stop skipping the conditioner in the shower. The mids and ends of your hair needs the moisture to prevent brittle, dry hair and breakage. Keep the conditioner away from your scalp if you have fine, limp hair, but use an appropiate conditioner that helps with volume and moisture! we suggest

4. Use deep conditioners 1 - 2x a week. Like we stated above, our hair NEEDS moisture to prevent damage. Just like our skin becoming dry and cracking, our hair becomes brittle and weak with extreme dryness and cold. It is time to start protecting your hair if you want it to grow and be healthy. we suggest

5.Brush your hair often. Brushing with a soft boar bristled brush helps seal down the hairs cuticle which helps with health and shine. Also, using a paddle brush with strong yet bendy bristles directly to the scalp helps promote blood flow up to the folicles and helps promote healthy new growth.

6. Avoid heat tools. If you must use hot tools, choose a medium warmth for drying hair and a low heat for straightening and curling hair. Just like the cold drying and damaging our hair, heat does the exact same thing by zapping out the moisture of our hair.

7. Microfiber hair turbans and towels are everything! Microfiber wicks away majority of the moisture from our hair without the use of heat! We say it is a must have for curly hair, but honestly, microfiber hair turbans and towels are perfect for any one who washes their hair! I use these from Amazon Turbie Twist Microfiber Hair Towel (2 Pack) Yellow-Aqua

8. Invest in a few accessories: Our favorites are silk or satin pillowcases and invisibobbles or scrunchies! SIlk and satin pillowcases have less hooks in the fiber which helps with less breakage for fine hair and less morning frizz for textured hair. We love Invisibobbles and scrunchies to put hair up in cute pony tails without damaging hair like elastic bands!

In what areas are you rocking hair health? Which tips did you not know?

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